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Ferdinand Karlijn Window to your health Ayurveda

Are you a highly sensitive person struggling with fatigue and gut problems?

You want to feel vibrant and healthy but you are so highly sensitive that you constantly struggle with fatigue and gut problems

You have been trying to live life like everyone else…
…to push on, while your body is showing you that it can’t keep up. You have tried healing your symptoms, but most of what y
ou have tried hasn’t fully worked or the results only lasted for a short while.
What if you could make changes that felt aligned with your lifestyle and you as a person and still be effective?
Each shift made with ease and grace, healing your whole being gently. Bringing lasting health and energy.

With all the stress and chaos in this world your health will work as a ripple, to support the health of the people around you.
It can be an important piece of the health puzzle that we all seek to complete.

Window of health

Hi, we are Ferdinand & Karlijn

With Window to Your Health we have created a platform to support healing, from physical and emotional pain, digestive discomfort, and burnout.

We guide you with natures wisdom on your natural healing journey. 

Window to your health was founded by Karlijn an Ayurvedic Therapist &
 a Holistic Osteopath.
 To share the proven knowledge that they have gathered in the past 25 years.

Three ways you can work with us:
1:1 guidanceworkshops, online community platform.

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River Stones

We practice what we preach

Approach: We are a part of nature, as within so without. What we practice internally will unfold externally.
We offer insight into why symptoms, imbalances, and dis-ease show up in your life.  Whether your pain and discomfort is spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical they all have a root cause, that can be addressed and rebalanced.

Wisdom: The knowledge that we share is based on a combined 35+ years of practical experience, with a combination of the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Osteopathy, and Energetic Trauma Healing. 

Goal: Your self-healing ability is so powerful, when we tap into your natural abilities, your healing comes from the inside out, instead of trying to create a quick-fix.


Six Week Road to optimal health


Find the perfect nutrition for your body type and imbalances. Heal your digestion and kickstart your self healing mechanism. Start creating delicious meals that will nourish and sustain your body instead of being on a diet that only makes you feel hungry and depleted.


Create a sustainable lifestyle and integrate Ayurvedic lifestyle practices to calm your nervous system. So you can become vibrant, energised, and healthy.

Emotional wellbeing

Get to the root of stagnant energy. Release emotional triggers & trauma from the physical body. To solve pain and discomfort and naturally realign your bodies frequencies. 

Ayurvedic nutrition
Lifestyle ayurveda
Digestive pain
ayurveda herbs

Three ways you can work with us 

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Holding Hands

We can learn the most from each others journeys.

Get unlimited acces to support, courses, live trainings, and recordings.

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Online as well as live workshops.

From creating healthy meals to uncovering the magic of removing blockages from your fascia.

At your own pace or with us in person. Discover how to create the health of your dreams.


I saw Ferdinand at a moment in my life where I was resisting dropping in deeper to the experience that was unfolding for me, in my body and psyche. I had multiple friends raving about his approach and their outcomes and after my husband saw him for a session, he made me an appointment on the spot and insisted I go immediately.


The session I had was profound. Ferdinand is both deeply attuned to what’s happening on a physiological level and also able to see what is happening spiritually and emotionally. He cuts to the core of the issue by asking clear questions while simultaneously connecting to the body and releasing pain, challenges, tension and dis-ease.


The session I had was emotionally and physically beneficial, alleviating chronic pain and tension in my chest and shoulder while helping me to process long-held trauma. Since my session, I’ve told many people about his work and look forward to the next time I am able to book a session with him. He is an extraordinary healer and I highly recommend his unique and effective approach.

Lacey Haynes

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"I had been on restrictive, raw diets for years to starve and kill cancer.


Since changing my diet to Karlijn's suggestions, I have more sustained energy, my body feels strong, blood tests are improving and I am loving food on a whole new level. This feels like a sustainable way to eat and live and I am thankful that Karlijn heped show me the way."

Spencer Vantress 

Ferdinand offers a combination of osteopathic skill alongside his deeply intuitive capacities to offer healing and support that works on many levels.

I feel incredibly fortunate to receive treatments from Ferdinand and I highly recommend him as a very skilled practitioner.


"Ik ben in contact gekomen met Karlijn in vanwege erge buikklachten bij m'n zoontje van toen 6 maanden.

Door mijn eigen voeding aan te passen (ivm borstvoeding) én adviezen voor Lou, zijn zijn klachten nu over. Hij poept iedere dag moeiteloos, geen buikkrampen meer, betere nachten en hij geniet nu van de rijstepap. En hij is weer een blije baby!

Marian Botman

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