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Look through your window of health
and start your natural healing journey

Window to your health is a platform to support healing, from physical and emotional imbalance, digestive discomfort, and burnout.

We guide you with natures wisdom on your natural healing journey. 

Window to your health was founded by Karlijn an Ayurvedic therapist & Ferdinand Osteopath & Energetic Trauma Healer. To share the proven knowledge that they have gathered in the past 20 years.

Three ways you can work with us: workshops, membership guidance, 1:1 guidance.

We practice what we preach

Approach: We are a part of nature, as within so without. What we practice internally will unfold externally. We offer insight into why symptoms, imbalance, and dis-ease shows up in your life, the way it does.  Whether your pain and discomfort is spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical they all have a root cause that can be addressed and rebalanced.

Wisdom: The knowledge that we share is based on more than 20 years of practical experience with a combination of the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Osteopathy, and Energetic Trauma Healing. 

Goal: Your self-healing ability is so powerful when we tap into your natural abilities then your healing comes from the inside out instead of trying to create a quick-fix.


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Six Week Road to optimal health

Session 1

Find the perfect nutrition for your body type and imbalances. Heal your digestion and kickstart your self healing mechanism. Start creating delicious meals that will nourish and sustain your body instead of being on a diet that only makes you feel hungry and depleted.

Session 2

Create a sustainable lifestyle and integrate Ayurvedic lifestyle practices to calm your nervous system. So you can become vibrant, energised, and healthy.

Emotional health

Get to the root of stagnant energy. Release emotional triggers & trauma from the physical body. To solve pain and discomfort and naturally realign your bodies frequencies. 

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What's New?

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Cooking Workshop

Easy to follow pre-recorded video where I take you to my favorite farmers market and into my private kitchen.

Social Media

New Blog Posts

I found Karlijn’s page on Instagram at a time where I had a very long menstruation period. Karlijn responded to my request swiftly and booked me in for an appointment the next day, which was incredible!


I found Karlijn incredibly knowledgeable and excellent at communicating all her knowledge with me. The tips she gave me were very helpful, and although I was following another Ayurvedic Practitioner, I followed Karlijn’s advice which helped a lot. Although my issue was not instantly resolved, Karlijn’s advice was insightful and gave me tools that I will use for my whole life!


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