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Karlijn ayurveda online

Follow- up session

30 minutes

What to expect

During a follow-up session, we will talk about what your life, body, and mind have been like since our last session. You will receive another short questionnaire before your session so we can get straight to the point during our 30 minute session.

60-40 bowl ayurveda

When to make a follow-up appointment

  • You have implemented (most of) the tips and tricks that I mentioned during our first session.

  • You are ready to take the next step on your healing journey.

  • You have questions you would like to ask me.

  • You are experiencing more or new symptoms.

  • At least 3 weeks have passed since your last session.

How I work

You can make an appointment through the button at the bottom of this page.

You will automatically be redirected to your e-mail provider. After sending me an e-mail with your inquiry, I will get back to you as soon as possible. When we arrange an appointment, you will get a short questionnaire that you will send back to me at least 48 hours before our session. This way, I  have time to go through it before we meet, and we can get straight to the point during our 30-minute session.

During our session, I will shine some light on your current imbalances and what you can do to rebalance your body. There will be enough time for you to ask me questions. 

After our session, I will send you the correlating worksheets that we have talked about during our session, so that you have something to work with after our session.

I work on an appreciation basis only. Therefore it is up to you what you would like to give me for this session. If you have trouble figuring this out then please ask me when we schedule your appointment.


Are you ready to bring your healing journey to the next level?

Appreciation based

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