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Kapha healing profile


Healing Profile

While there is undoubtedly no one quite like you out there, it is remarkable how accurate Ayurveda can be in predicting who we are, based simply on the broad strokes of our constitutions.
As you read through this page and start to piece together the ways in which the elements have shaped your constitution, you will probably begin to see your particular strengths and vulnerabilities more clearly.

Traits that you can likely attribute to your constitution

  • Larger overall build 
    You probably have a well-developed skeletal frame with sturdy bones and joints, broad shoulders and hips, and a larger overall build. Your musculature is naturally strong and well-developed, but requires an active lifestyle in order to be maintained. You most likely struggle with your weight.

  • Generally graceful, gentle, loving, loyal, and tolerant
    With a calm and steady mind. In fact, you are probably known for being grounded and wise, and for having excellent long-term memory.

  • A love for food
    You very likely have a reliable appetite and are willing to eat under most circumstances, though your sluggish digestive capacity makes it all too easy to overindulge, and you may also have a tendency to eat emotionally.

  • Impressive level of natural strength and stamina
    Both physically and emotionally. But when it comes to being physically active, you may find yourself up against your own resistance.

  • Sound sleeper
    You are an easy sleeper and love to make long nights.


Signs of imbalance

When a dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) goes out balance you are on the route to disease. Therefore it is important to recognise when one of the doshas has increased beyond its normal level. Since your dominant constitution is vata you are most likely to experience a vata imbalance first. 

You gain weight

Sleep excessively

Become lethargic

Suffer from depression


Become stubborn and resist change


Why is it important to know this?

According to Ayurveda, you were born with your constitution and this remains the same during your whole life.

It influences your physiology, your physique, your likes and dislikes, your tendencies and habits, your mental and emotional character, as well as your vulnerabilities toward imbalance and disease.

Your personal combination of vata, pitta and kapha represents your body’s natural balance.
Our intention here is to introduce you to your constitution.
It’s important to know that we all have all three doshas in our constitutions: vata, pitta, and kapha. But the ratio between them is entirely unique to you.

That said, as a kapha type, your constitution is distinctly kapha-predominant, and you probably have a lot in common with other kapha types who 
share that core distinction.


How to regain balance

As you have read above there are multiple factors that can cause an imbalance in your body. Therefore finding the root cause is the most important. Whether this is your diet, things in your life, or emotional traumas that are pushing your body out of balance.

 Once you find this, you can make sure to regain balance. 

This might mean you could:

  • Make changes in your diet: Kapha's tend to love heavy foods while they thrive on lighter meals. Their digestion can also use a bit of spice to stimulate proper metabolism

  • Start implementing Ayurvedic lifestyle tools: For kaphas it is important to keep moving. Physically as well as mentally.

  • Start using Ayurvedic herbs: Some digestive aids can be helpful for kaphas to keep bowels moving.

  • Release suppressed emotions: Tools like meditation, none dominant hand writing, body work, and energy healing can be effective to release emotions and to keep emotions from becoming stagnant.

Hi beautiful,

My name is Karlijn "car-line".

I am a mom and Ayurvedic therapist.

I have been offering therapies for the past 6 years and I am really looking forward to guiding you on your journey.


I won't be doing it for you, but I will be holding your hand and shining a light on your path ahead. 

Are you ready to jump in with me?

Xoxo Karlijn

Karlijn ayurveda
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