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Image by William Farlow

Are you ready to

Take the Quantum Leap

Take the next step in your
healing practic


Do you work in Health or Wellness?

Are you ready to incorporate quantum frequencies to support your clients self-healing mechanisms? 

Make the world a better place one client at a time.

Are you ready to...

  • Show your clients how to have a breakthrough in their healing with the help of frequencies?
  • Support clients in finding the true root-cause of their dis-ease?
  • Coach your clients to ultimate wellbeing?
  • Show clients what information is stored in their quantum fields
  • Show clients what they can do to achieve happiness, health, and wealth?

Then you are in the right place

Welcome to
The Quantum Leap
for P

During these one hour workshops we will be diving deep into what it means to heal with the information that is stored in our quantum fields. How to access these quantum fields and how we can support our clients with their healing proces.

In each session our guests will speak about how they are integrating this frequency modality into their practices and how this has helped their clients.

Image by Jamie Street

Upcoming frequency events

Sep 13th

12 pm PDT

Quantum Frequencies and Nutrition



12 pm PDT

Frequency Support For

Preconception and Postpartum



12 pm PDT

Creating Healthy Hormones, Menstruation,

and Menopause With Frequencies

Hosted by:

Karlijn van der Burg

She is an Ayurvedic therapist who has recently started specialising in working with quantum frequencies to suport the self-healing mechanism of herself and her clients.


With her dream to share this passion with all holistic health providers she has decided to host a live session every month where she will invite her colleagues from the holistic health field to speak about their knowledge of quantum frequencies in their work.

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