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kruiden ayurveda

Personalized program

For highly sensitive people struggling with fatigue and digestive pain

Are you tired of living with a painful body? 

Do you feel frustrated to have time off but no energy?

Are you sick of hearing "you are too sensitive?"

During our everyday lives,

we consider our symptoms to be annoying, but normal because so many of us are struggling with them. 

What if I told you that you

no longer have to!?

The new normal is feeling

  • Comfortable in your body
  • Confident about how to solve your pain
  • Nourished and cared for
  • Relieved from worrying
  • Calm and confident in your responding
  • At ease
  • Vibrant and Healthy
Heal your digestion

Are you ready for the next step?

Welcome to
The Window To Your Health

Where we aim to empower and support you on a deeply personal journey toward holistic well-being.

We understand the challenges you face as a highly sensitive individual dealing with digestive discomfort and chronic fatigue.

You're not alone in this. Together, we'll navigate this path toward a more comfortable and nourished existence.

Your Journey

You've been on a journey of self-improvement for years, perhaps even decades, and you most likely made a lot of progress. You've delved into self-help books, attended workshops, engaged in therapy, and embraced spiritual practices.

Perhaps you've explored new avenues like exercise or dietary changes. Or you may have simply ignored it and hoped for the best. While several of these probably gave you some relief, you’re still struggling, and a bit frustrated.

However, when it comes to integrating all the knowledge, insights, advice, and tools you've acquired, it can feel overwhelmingly complex.

Endless Journey

There’s a simple explanation to why your journey hasn’t been completely successful thus far, if you are ready please continue reading:

We as humans are holistic beings and therefore need a holistic approach to heal. Looking at diet, lifestyle, or emotional well-being separately from each other will never heal you completely. One does not go without the other. Therefore Ayurveda gives us the tools to integrate them all, into one healing practice.


You can have the healthiest superfoods, but if you are unhappy or always on the move, your body will not digest the food properly causing imbalance and dis-ease.

Discover Natural Healing with Ease:

Our personalized holistic program is crafted exclusively for individuals like you, seeking gentle and natural healing methods. 

Explore Ayurveda's non-invasive approaches that align perfectly with your holistic perspective. We promise to nurture your well-being, ensuring a soothing and healing experience every step of the way.

No extreme detox programs, big changes, just comfy steps.

Holistic Solutions for Gentle Healing:

Our focus is on gentle healing tailored to your specific needs. We're here to address your health concerns, while we focus on your uniqueness. 

Let's address the root cause of your health concerns with care and consideration, ensuring a healing process that will heal you from the inside out.

Healing Tailored to Your Needs:

Our 6-week program is carefully designed to delve into your well-being, focusing on the root cause of imbalance. This journey is about understanding, growth, and healing together.

Not sure whether this is for you?
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What your journey will look like...


Before our first session you will receive an extensive questionnaire, your responses will guide us in understanding your current state of health, the imbalanced doshas that are present, and the state of your digestion.

With the help of these answers I will guide you on your journey to tailor-made meals that will give you energy, make your taste buds dance, nourish your entire being, and support your detoxification. 

Pumpkin pancakes-2.jpg
Lifestyle ayurveda
Image by Hans Vivek


During our session we will also explain the lifestyle that is best suited to your needs, your constitution, and your state of health, to calm your nervous system and heal your body from the inside out.


We will look at your work, social life,

family life, hobbies, etc. Fom there we will add tools and practices to make your life more enjoyable, to give you more energy, and heal your fatigue and digestive difficulties ​from the inside out.

Emotional wellbeing

Unravel the complexities of your mind, emotions, and past energies that linger within your body. 

These factors significantly impact your health and vitality. Together, we'll work to release stagnant energy using specialized tools, ensuring a smoother and more effective healing process.  

The process is focused on making decisions from your own experience to support your health rather than harm it.

Each session will be followed by two weeks of integration where you will receive e-books that will help you implement the tasks, plus unlimited whatsapp support to keep you on track.

Image by Patrick Schneider
Image by Ksenia Makagonova
Together community Ayurveda

Some very common concerns

Navigating dietary and lifestyle changes can feel challenging

in social settings and family traditions. 

But don't fear! 

Our shared experience in the health community opens a window of possibilities for us to navigate these challenges together.


Social Influence:

Family Traditions:



Food Restrictions:



Time Constraints:


When your dietary choices don't match those around you, it's natural to worry about feeling isolated or awkward.  But hey, communication is our secret weapon. Educate your friends and family about your dietary changes, sharing the reasons behind your choices. Consider bringing a dish that fits your new diet to social gatherings. Because most people LOVE Ayurvedic food. Let's discover techniques to navigate restaurant menus to order something that fits your wishes.

Our family traditions often revolve around specific foods, making change a tough task. Let's involve your family in this adventure!  Start discussions about health goals together and explore new recipes as a unit. Instead of abrupt shifts, let's introduce modifications gradually. We'll emphasize how these changes positively impact everyone's health. We can find substitutes or adapt traditional recipes to align with your new dietary guidelines.

Feeling limited or missing beloved foods can be a challenge on this journey. But wait, it's an opportunity to discover! Let's find new foods that fit your dietary requirements. Experiment with recipes and cuisines that match your preferences. Focus on the variety of foods you can enjoy, Ayurvedic cooking is more about expanding your diet instead of restricting it.

Busy schedules often hinder us from making changes to our diet and lifestyle practices. That's why we make a 1 change at a time. When that feels comfortable we move on to the next.  Let's explore quick and easy recipes that the whole family enjoys. Remember, tackling new changes requires patience and a sprinkle of creativity. Each obstacle is a chance for learning and growth on your journey. Embrace flexibility and persistence as our guiding lights. Together we will walk through these challenges and set you up for a comfortable healing journey.

Karlijn’s advice was insightful and gave me tools
that I will use my whole life!

Empowering Your Healing Journey:

At Window To Your Health, we empower you to embrace a gentle and holistic approach to healing. Our tailored solutions and personalized consultations align with your personality, aiming to alleviate stress and nurture your well-being.

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Six Week

Personalised Program

  • Three 1:1 sessions

  • Six weeks unlimited whatsapp support

  • E-books during the integration periods


Image by Freddy G

Not sure whether this is for you?
Sign up for a free 20 min introductory call

Hi beautiful,

My name is Karlijn "car-line".

I am a mom and Ayurvedic therapist.

I have been offering therapies for the past 6 years and I am really looking forward to guiding you on your journey.


I won't be doing it for you, but I will be holding your hand and shining a light on your path ahead. 

Are you ready to jump in with me?

Xoxo Karlijn

Karlijn Ayurveda
  • Where do I start my journey
    If you are new to Ayurveda, you can start your journey with the following: 1. Read the Starters Manual a guide with 5 steps to start with 2. The free or paid ebooks will give you more insight into Ayurveda and how to feel more balanced 3. The blogs have specific information about nutrition and lifestyle 4. You can buy the Recipe e-book 5. You can dive deep into Ayurvedic cooking with a course that explains all the details about how to cook balanced meals to rebalance and stay balanced. 6.. When you have health issues that need personal care, I advise you to start with the 1:1 individual program
  • Do I have to understand Ayurveda to sign up for a personal program?
    No you do not! I will walk you through the fundamentals. So that together we can create a foundation for you, to start your journey on. From there you are of course welcome to continue diving deeper into Ayurveda (with our help) this will absolutely benefit your health and well-being.
  • Do I have to be a good chef?
    Absolutely not! Our programs and courses are designed for anyone eager to create healthier meals, regardless of your cooking expertise. Our focus is on simplicity and ease.
  • Do I have to completely change my life and eating habits?
    Not at all. We're here to guide you in making subtle yet impactful changes. No drastic overhauls needed—just simple adjustments for a healthier body and mind.
  • When can I expect to experience results?
    Results vary, but many experience positive changes within weeks. Your commitment to the practices will greatly influence outcomes.
  • I am afraid that I have very little time to invest in courses and sessions, is that a problem?
    We value your time! Each video and resource is crafted to be concise and actionable, so you can learn at your pace without feeling overwhelmed. However you will need to implement changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to experience the results that you are aiming for.
  • Are the sessions and courses suitable for all body types?
    Yes, our approach caters to all imbalances. We'll guide you in crafting meals and making lifestyle changes that resonate with your unique constitution.
  • Are we a fit?
    On this page, we describe our values, and points of view so you can decide whether this resonates with your philosophy.
  • What is the cancellation policy
    Once you booked a personal session and already paid for it, there will be no refund. However a session can be rescheduled to a time that suits better for you. The rescheduling needs to take place 24hours before the already booked session. A membership can be cancelled at any given moment. You will have access to the courses as long as your membership lasts.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Purchases are non-refundable.
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